Your results are here and maybe like a lot of students you may not be satisfied with your marks. Maybe you thought that you could do better.

So why did you get the marks you did? Let us assume that you have studied consistently throughout the year and revised well.

Here are some other factors that affect your grades. They are not listed in order of priority:

Pressure from family

You may be in a particular course because you family wants you pursue it. You may not have the skills or abilities to pursue this course.

Unrealistic expectations

You may not be happy regardless of the marks you get, espcially if your friends score more than you.

Your levels of stress are so high that they prevent you from concentrating on the day of the exam. This could be because your fear of failure is high.

Confused about your career

You may not be sure what you want to do in future. It could also be because you are no longer interested in the course that you are pursuing.

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