While preparing for the JEE (Mains) examination on April 7, do not forget to keep in mind the checklist fo the exam. Organise all these beforehand:

Hall ticket

Students appearing for JEE (Main) will have to carry their Class 12th hall ticket along with their JEE admit card to the exam centre.


For offline JEE, you need to carry pointed ball pen. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited. For online mode, make sure you carry a sweater, just in case if the air conditioner is too effective along with the other essential things.


A watch is an essential item to put in your exam bag. It is important to have a watch as that shall help to manage your time better during the exam.


Water is by far the most important thing you can bring with you to your exam. Fill a water bottle the night before your exam and stick it in the fridge so you can grab it on the day of exam.


Lot of people say they can’t eat during exam days because they’re too nervous, but if you’re sitting through a 3 or 4 hour exam, your blood sugar is going to start to dip, making it difficult to stay focused.

Carry healthy snacks, such as protein bars, choclates, energy bars, granola bars, almonds, walnuts, or fruit for such times, to keep your energy levels high.

Tip: To function at your best on exam day, you need not only the energy that comes from healthy nutrition, but also the energy that comes from adequate, restful sleep. Good luck!

(Arti Vadnerkar is a certified psychologist)

Image courtesy: photos.com

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