//Siksha Bhavana (Institute of Science), Visva Bharati University
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Siksha Bhavana (Institute of Science), Visva Bharati University

P.O. Santiniketan, Dist. Birbhum, Birbhum - 731235, West Bengal

91-34-63262751 registrar@visva-bharati.ac.inwww.visva-bharati.ac.in/CoursesOffered/Contents/courseContents.htm?f=Contents.htm


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In May 1951 Visva-Bharati was declared to be a central university and an institution of national importance by an act of Parliament.

Visva-Bharati has the President of India as the Paridarsaka (Visitor) and the Governor of West Bengal as the Pradhana (Rector).
The President of India appoints the Acharya (Chancellor) and the Upacharya (Vice-chancellor) of the University.

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