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Auro Academy of Education And Research

C/o, Aurous Healthcare R and D (India) Pvt. Limited,
G1 and G2, RR Villa, No. 180/109, Rangarajapuram Main Road,
Kodambakkam, Chennai - 600024, Tamil Nadu

91 4423720600, 91 4432472446, 91 9551050612academy@auroushealthcare.com auroacademy.org



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Clinical research translates the promises of biomedical research into improved clinical practice the "neck of the scientific bottle" through which all advances in biomedicine must flow before they can benefit the public.
While India has its own position in Clinical research, majority of the medical, Life science institutions or Universities lack formal course in training for clinical research, so there exist a shortage of trained manpower.

The existing Clinical Research professionals lack fundamental knowledge of regulatory, ethical, GCP guidelines to conduct trials and in regulatory process such as, approval of biological products, processing import/export license that hurdles in planning a clinical trial.

Their Courses are designed after extensive research in the industry to ensure that objectives of each course are met with the industry requirements. Application and implementation of knowledge and experience are the fundamental stones of their clinical research courses, which fetch an ideal opportunity to expand the knowledge, skills and expertise in the conduct of clinical research.

Their industry experienced faculties and personal support system ensures best utilization of their courses. The curriculum covers all the key competencies and skills essential for one to become a successful clinical research professional in today's challenging pharmaceutical environment.

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100% placements

Divya, 4 Years Ago
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Placements is the best feature of Aura.. 100% placements! Students get high-paid jobs in big companies... I am waiting for my chance to come! Auro Rocks!

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