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Miranda House

University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007, Delhi

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Miranda House, a residential college for women, is one of the premier institutions of Delhi University for women. It was founded in 1948 by the then Vice-Chancellor Sir Maurice Gwyer; its foundation stone was laid by Lady Edwina Mountbatten on March 7 in the same year.

Located in the university campus, Miranda House is built in warm red brick with cool and spacious corridors. Its original design was by the renowned architect Walter George. The college shares an architectural affinity with other colonial educational institutions of the country.

In the past five decades, as the college has grown, several other buildings have been added to its original design. It is now declared a heritage building and work is in progress to maintain its pristine glory.

Miranda offers liberal education in humanities and science to more than 2500 students. The faculty is renowned for its meritorious profile, versatile talent and dedication to the cause of education. The college has produced women who have excelled in various professions and have contributed in numerous ways to society at large.

The college has always maintained high academic standards. What is more important is the space it has provided to the students to freely express and develop views that help them respond to changes in the society. Its proximity to other campus colleges enables students to participate in the academic and cultural events that take place around it.

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Miranda House:On why it is one of the finest/prestigious colleges in the country.

Anonymous, 4 Years Ago
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I am currently pursuing mathematics with honors in MH.The Professors and lecturers in MH have ensured that they leave no stone unturned in preparing the students to face the semester examination.hence,even though i belong to the freshmen batch of the semester scheme,we were given such thorough grounding in our subjects that everyone in my batch was able to come out with flying colors,not to mention university ranks too.There is a perception that MH is more renown for its science departments ,which is true,but the art faculties are equally fantastic.

The competition to get into MH eco is mindboggling and rightly so,since the MH economics faculty is one of the best and most sought after in DU.Each department has its own well equipped/modern staff room for the professors.The class rooms are big,well lit and very well furnished.The Science labs,computer labs are clearly one of the best in DU.They are fitted with all the recent machinery and software.

Our Digital resource center is to die for.Library-no complaints,i have found all the books i need for my courses and so have my friends,hence i guess its more than adequately stocked.Canteen-love it,reasonably priced,and located in a well furnished building separately for that purpose,so it has more than enough seats to accommodate the college crowd during break.As far as placement goes,i am really looking forward to it.my seniors have been placed in really good firms and MNC's...ibm/google/mckinsey/tata....the college architecture is one of the finest in north campus,really pretty in warm red brick.

The MH hostel is excellent,crazy competition yet again to get a hostel seat,so be prepared with alternatives,but they have built a new block.All in all, i just consider myself incredibly fortunate to attend this prestigious institution.

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