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Karnataka Science College

, Dharwad - 580001, Karnataka

836 - 2441146,2441176 , 9480027117principal.kscd@gmail.comwww.kcd.org.in



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Karnataka Science College, Dharwad is affiliated to Karnataka University. Over the years, this institute has grown into an outstanding academic establishment in India covering varied areas of academic interests, and attracting an equally diverse faculty and student body.

College provides students with fully equipped and well ventilated lecture rooms, laboratories and workshop. The library has the ample reading material needed and provides an environment very conducive to serious study.

The library of the institute is well stored with more than 5000 books consisting of text books, reference books, manual, hand books, and technical national and international journals from the respective subjects apart from popular science magazines, and newspaper.For lessons that require specific resources or vocational approach different types of classrooms both indoors and outdoors are available.

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