Most students pursuing medicine assume that they will have to go into teaching or specialize in Medicine. However, for those who realise that they are not cut out for a career as a doctor, there are other options available for MBBS graduates.

Here are four careers that students can consider where having a MBBS is an advantage:

Clinical Research

What is it: Clinical Research determines safety and effectiveness of life saving drugs for human use. Most graduates work as Clinical Research Associates.

Approximate salary: Rs 3-6 lakh p.a. depending upon firm

Hospital/Healthcare Administration

What is it: Hospital Administration focuses on application of management principles in management, finance, operations, communication and other areas in running a hospital or healthcare facility.

Approximate salary: Rs 2.5-Rs 5 lakh p.a.

Public Health

What is it: Public Health takes preventative measures to prevent disease rather than curing them. The area deals with a population or community rather than at an individual level.  It is a popular course to study in the United States, and is an emerging area in India.

Approximate salary: Rs 2.4 – 5.4 lakh p.a.

Medical Biotechnology

What is it: Involves principles of Engineering in Medicine. Medical Biotechnology makes use of living cells and materials to produce pharmaceutical products that prevent and treat diseases in humans.

Most graduates will go on to careers in R&D in areas such as nanotechnology, telemedicine or tissue engineering.  

Approximate salary: Rs 6 lakh onwards p.a. (for PhD graduates)

Recommended institutes:
Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI), Delhi is the country’s premier clinical research institute which is exclusively focused on specialized Clinical Research Programmes.

Students can also apply to ICRI’s campuses at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Dehradun, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The IITs offer a good Masters in Medical Biotechnology for MBBS students.

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