To become a professional football player, you need hard work, dedication, the right guidance and a lot of other ingredients ofcourse. We take a look at what steps one needs to takes.

1. Passion. That is seething that you have to have within yourself if you want to become a professional football player, you have to have genuine love for the game. You need to start playing early, be in the school football team and work hard to be there. You need to able to represent your school, state and country at various levels.
Football is a team sport, and so you need to be effective with your communication skills and get along well with your team mates, otherwise it is something that shall cost you dearly on the field.

2. You need regularly train and become part of professional training programmes. Dedication and training are of prime importance, and you should have your career football goals clearly placed in your mind.
You need to be fantastic shape and be very fit, as football requires loads of stamina. Your supreme fitness is half the battle won.

3. Eventually you shall have to graduate to amateur level and then to semi professional clubs. You need to be aware of the local football scouts and make sure that you are noticed by them.

4. This sport has a lot of competition, so remember to manage your studies well at the same time. Do not sacrifice your studies.

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