A recent study has revealed that IISc, IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Delhi are the best institutes in India for research.

The Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, which was established in 1909, has been named the best insitute for research in the country in Aerospace and Electrical Engineering.

The results have been made public after a study conducted by Zinnov, a globalization and market expansion advisory firm.

After a detailed study and assessment of the faculties of the different institutes in country on the basis of major areas of research, IIT-Delhi has been adjudged to have the best faculty in Computer Science, while IIT-Kanpur has the best faculty in Mechanical engineering.

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IISc, followed by IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Delhi, have been ranked the top institutes because of their focus on research and good external connect of faculty with industry and government.

These facilities excelled in various parameters such as grants received, journal references, filing of patents and quality of faculty members. 

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