The final placements of IITs are scheduled to begin on December 1. This year a trend has been noticed that the Pre-Placement offers are on the rise.

According to the reports, companies prefer to hire students who worked with their organization as interns.

IIT-M has already received 55 pre-placement offers. In 2012, the institute received 30 offers. IIT-Guwahati has received 45 pre- placement offers along with four pre-placement interview offers.

IIT-Kanpur has received 85 pre-placement offers while last year about 70 offers were received.

Placements 2013: Facebook offers Rs 60 lakh to IIIT students

Over 270 organizations visited the IIT-B campus between October 2012 and June 2013. Of the 1,421 students who registered for the placement program, only 1,099 (77%) got jobs.

Social Networking site Facebook has offered students a base salary of $100,000, a bonus, a relocation bonus of $20,000 and stock options of $120,000.

Placements 2013: IIT-Madras students get Rs 92 lakh offer from Google

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