For most MBAs, a job at an investment bank is a dream job. However, it is better to know the realities of the industry in India.

Where are the jobs?


There are three types of jobs offered by i-banks:

Front office: Maximum client interaction. High risk profile involves a lot of travelling

Middle office
: Risk management, financial control, compliance etc

Back office
: Financial modelling, Research, number crunching for the front office

Who’s hired?

Investment firms usually hire from specific b-schools. So where do you fit in?

Analysts work in the front office. You will have to be at the top b-schools eg IIMs, ISB Hyderabad to be considered

Most graduates will work for Middle and the Back Office. While these jobs may not pay as well as front office, but they have their advantages such as lower stress levels and less travel.

Graduates from lesser-known b-schools may get Analyst roles at smaller investment firms. There are also a lot more opportunities in India for Middle and Back Office jobs.

Study towards a career in investment banking

Types of i-banking firms

Bulge Bracket: Work with large corporate on transactions worth Rs 250 crore or more

: Work with small to medium firms on transactions worth around Rs 125 crore. Most focus on M&A services

Middle Market
: Deal with corporates between Bulge Bracket and Boutique. Offer full range of financial advisory services

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