A scientist from the University of Dallas has invented a Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloak. Ali Aliev, a physicist at University of Texas Dallas (UT Dallas) has invented the invisibility cloak.

The cloak is right now, several strands of thread which when heated turn invisible.

How the cloak works

The threads, made up of carbon nanotubes, when heated to a certain temperature can bend light falling on it. We can only see an object if light falls on it. Once the cloak can bend light, it cannot be seen. The temperature was not mentioned in reports.

Currently, the cloak or the strands of it only exist in Aliev’s laboratory. But after a while, when it is completely ready, he plans to use the technology to hide large objects such as military tanks.

Scientists in the United Kingdom are also researching on similar lines.

They have invented plates that can stick to an object, say a military tank, and can change its temperature according to conditions outside. When it does change the temperature, the object, even if visible of radars, becomes invisible to the naked eye.

Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures

Video Courtesy: UT Dallas