It has taken two years for the state of Virginia shut down the University of Northern Virginia (UNVA). The university finally closed on July 16.

Federal agents had raided the university that described itself as “the most popular American college for Indian students” in July 2011.

The university had lost its accreditation in 2008 and never regained it. While the university is not well known in the US, it is more popular amongst overseas students.

According to one report, UNVA’s vice-chancellor David Ho had said: “We don’t want people to know us.”

UNVA operated out of an office building for 15 years. The headquarters of a supermarket owned by Ho are located in the same building.

The University of Northern Virginia is the third US university to close in the past three years. It was learnt that most of the students had transferred from Tri-valley University or Herguan University to the University of North Virginia.

Interestingly, the Facebook page for UNVA students stated that the American College of Commerce and Technology (ACCT) would take all UNVA students. According to reports, ACCT is also unaccredited.

Other US universities closures:

2012: Herguan University, Sunnyvale: 400 Indian students affected
2011: Tri-Valley University, California: 1500 students affected

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