The Supreme Court has postponed the NEET-PG 2013 case to March 12. The NEET-PG case was listed as item number 4 in court number 1 on March 7.

Mr Giri spoke on behalf of private medical colleges from Kerala  while Mr Guru Krishna Kumar spoke on behalf of private colleges from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Discussion for interim orders was rejected. Indiancolleges has many comments regarding the delays in results.

Most students expressed their disappointment with the delay. As one doctor put it:

“This is atrocious playing with the lives of healers hurting us and disappointing to the core…please display the results soon and let us decide our future. (We are) confused how to proceed..we aren’t getting jobs because of this..”

About 90,000 students have been affected by the delay in results. Students now hope that a verdict will be reached by next week as the court will be on holiday from March 25-30 on account of Holi and Good Friday.

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