The Supreme Court postponed the NEET PG case yet again on February 14 to February 19.

This delay means that the chances of students getting counselling are now less.

NEET PG case (T.C.(C) No.98/2012) was listed as item no. 3 in the February 14 final cause list for the Court no. 1.

The case discussion began around 11.30 am this morning and was over just after 3 pm.

The Tamil Nadu case hearing will take place on February 19,

Discussions were held across social media forums and websites carrying live updates of the case.

A verdict can only be reached once the Supreme Court releases a final cause list.

The delay in reaching a verdict has led to a lot of uncertainty amongst students who now state that their future is at stake.

The delay means that the chances of going for NEET PG 2013 counselling is very low.

NEET counselling was supposed to start from February 20.

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