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5 things to do if you are in the wrong job

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What happens when you have studied a course you love but realize that the role you were hired for is very different from the job that you are currently doing?

Let us take the case of a student called Rahul, who enjoyed the course that he wanted to do.

Rahul chose a subject that suited his skills and interests. He worked hard for his course and was really sure about the career he wanted.

He applied for jobs and was delighted when he got through to one that he thought would be his dream job.

A few months later, Rahul realised something: the job he was hired for was very different that what he had visualized it would be.

So what happened next?

Rahul started noticing things that he did not like about his job. Friends and family said that he spent a lot of time brooding.

Slowly his motivation for work started decreasing. Then, one day he realized: he was in the wrong career.

What do you do in such a case?

We have used Rahul as an example. This could be anyone including you.

#1 Analyze why you chose the career

The most important thing to do is to analyze and scrutinize in realistic way, what made you feel that you are in a wrong career.

Tip: Jot down things that you do not like about the present job and why.

#2: Talk to someone who can help

Try and fix things if possible by communicating your issues to your immediate senior or colleague. Do not resign yet.

#3: Note down the positive aspects

If communication and trying to solve your problems does not work, you may need to think about leaving the job.  

Before you do this, note down the things that you liked about this job.

These things might lead to ideas of other work areas that you might want to venture into.

#4: Analyse yourself: Should you work or study?

Figure out what you want to do. This may take some time. Find out whether you would want to study further or continue to work.

In case you want to study, you need to:
– Check your financial obligations
– Whether you want to study full time, part time, correspondence courses
– If you would like to do a postgraduate qualification in the same stream or switch stream

If you would like to work:

- Research other fields can use your present qualification 
– Network: A personal recommendation is better than an unknown CV

#5: Know that there is something better for you

Not being in a career that you enjoy is a stressful phase, especially if you have financial obligations. Remember to be patient and be positive. Surround yourself with friends and family who can help you.

You will be able to find a profile that you enjoy.  It will require some hard work and self-analysis but you can do it.

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