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Common mistakes interns make

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Your first internship is here, and you’re very excited (well, at least we hope you are!) So here are certain mistakes that interns tend to make, so make sure you avoid them. Read on to find out.

1.    You’re in a media organization and you get to cover Britney Spears next show- brilliant! Two days later, your boss asks you push papers and fill up some incomplete databases. Obviously not interesting work, to say the least.

But understand one thing- you shall get interesting tasks and very boring ones to, which also you might not be interested in, but you need to do both and be enthusiastic about them. This shows you are committed to the internship and helps you earn the respect of your senior.

2.    Dressing inappropriately- You want to be taken where you work- and no matter what people say, first impressions are very important. You don’t want to be under dressed or dressed like you shall be attending a party when you are going to work.

3.    Taking it too easy- Your office is not your home. So don’t start sleeping on the desk. Chatting most of your time away on phone calls, updating your Facebook statuses endlessly.

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