The Delhi High Court upheld the appointment of Valson Thampu as the principal of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, saying he possesses the essential qualification for the post.

Justice Siddharth Mridul said that the court would not interfere with the decision taken by the experts who appointed Thampu.

Former vice-principal M.S. Frank approached the court alleging that Thampu was illegally holding the post of principal and did not have a valid Ph.D. degree which was the minimum qualification.

The court has now dismissed the plea.

“The writ petition does not want any interference. The decision taken by the experts, namely the University Grant Commission and the Delhi University, to the effect that Valson Thampu possesses essential qualification for the post of principal of St. Stephen’s College is a decision which in my view ought to be left to experts rather than courts,” Justice Mridul said.

The Allahabad Agricultural University awarded Thampu a Ph.D. in Theology. But Theology was not taught at Delhi University and the relevance of Thampu’s Ph.D. for the post of principal was not certain, Frank said.

The court said: “This issue stands concluded by the clarification given by the UGC to the effect that the Ph.D. degree awarded by the Allahabad Agricultural University is a valid degree.”

Thampu was appointed principal of the St.Stephen’s college in Delhi Sep 12, 2008.

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Image courtesy: Aastha Saxena

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