XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur concluded its summer internship placements for the 2012-14 batch of 240. 

ITC was the largest recruiter and made 12 offers while Standard Chartered made 11 offers and ABG made 9 offers summer internships.

The major recruiters are ABG, Standard Chartered and ITC.

Break down of placements at XLRI School of Business and Human Resources

Total offers made- 282

Number of recruiters- 71

Companies at XLRI- Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Nokia, Johnson and Johnson, Airtel, Kraft Cadbury, Medtronic, Wipro etc

Companies accepted by students- 68

Total number of students- 240

No of students who opted out of the placement process -6

No of international offers -2

Novartis Switzerland made two international offers to students.

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