Getting a call for an interview is exciting and the first part in finding the right career for you.

But what happens if your interviews are not resulting in jobs offers?

If this has been happening to you, then it may be time to check for other areas. Here are our suggestions:0

Check your CV

Show you CV to more experienced people so that they can tell you if there are any mistakes.

Spelling mistakes reveal a very careless attitude and limit the possibility of you getting a job especially if the job requires attention to detail.

Check the format and layout of your CV  – make it reader friendly and divide it into clear sections.

Your CV should be 2 pages at the maximum.

Add value to your resume

If you are not getting a job, take up courses that increase your value.

Courses such as languages or any skill that will help with your career path. Employers do not like to hire candidates with gaps in their CVs unless you have an outstanding reason.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Utilize your network. You need to keep in touch with ex-colleagues from internships and friends and ask them if they know about any job openings.

Remember your knowledge about the job openings in the market and skills is good, but knowing the right people is also important.

If you have friends or acquaintances working in a company, there is a greater chance that they may refer you for an opening.

The 30-second speech

The reason behind the 30-second speech is that supposing you meet someone important in the elevator, in the event of which of course you would not have more than 30 seconds to explain yourself, you have that summary prepared. 

We hope by now you are aware of the interview process and also what you can do if you are not getting a job in the field.

Very few people get a job on their first attempt. Remember to keep trying and not give up.

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